Cristene A. Burr, Executive Director SRVEF

"Adam is great at helping people to expand their comfort zone. As our President, he challenged conventional wisdom and was largely responsible for taking a small, insignificant non-profit and turning it into a thriving, relevant organization. By showing board members what was possible, when you remain open to change, his leadership was not only contagious but the key ingredient to why major corporations contribute large amounts of money to our Foundation every year."

James Lord, Principal SURFACEDESIGN, Inc.

"Adam is one of those amazingly perceptive people who can listen, formulate and establish an understandable comprehensive solution that makes you confident in the decisions you make to move forward successfully with whatever your business needs are."

Mike Robertson President Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers, Pleasant Hill, CA

"Adam has a knack for listening, confirming his understanding then proposing ideas that lead you to the outcome that you are seeking. Adam is particularly adept at providing a “forest through the trees” perspective that can so easily elude a business owner caught up in the day-to-day demands of management and pursuit of growth initiatives. Adam communicates with a sense of humility and humor that allows clients to “safely open up” and discuss how they can be overcome any mistakes and how a new course of action can be implemented."

Roderick Wyllie Principal SURFACEDESIGN, INC., San Francisco, CA

"Adam’s contribution to our company has been significant and continuously evolving. As design professionals we often apply problem solving skills we use in design to business matters that ultimately require a completely different set of tools. He has provided those tools and helped us define our goals, create organizational structure and rethink our own roles as partners/directors in the company. His contribution is so valued because he never views his role as changing the personality of the culture rather; his role clarifies and edits our efforts as design professionals. Through Adam we have refined our overall financial approach, defined employee roles and made more space for the work we are passionate about."

Seena Clark President, Board of Trustees The English Center, Oakland, CA

"Over the course of ten years, Adam has offered advice, intensive counseling with detailed suggestions, and facilitated strategic planning for this organization, all on a pro-bono basis. He donates his time and talent because it’s so important to him to help organizations with a wonderful calling and too little support.

At various critical junctions, Adam has consistently identified what is most important - both from a big picture perspective and a detailed look at core issues. He then provided us with key steps to help us further analyze, make big decisions and implement a detailed plan to move forward and accomplish our board tasks as the fiduciary leaders of the organization. He is particularly skilled at asking the tough questions to help us focus our leaders’ attention on those core issues to encourage us to find ways to do what needs to get done and to get better results from leaders. 

His keen financial acumen has saved our organization from many a panic attacks and uninformed decision-making. He always can see a way through the difficulties to help us resolve issues and find a safe path forward. 

He does all of this with a charming and uplifting sense of purpose, clarity and humor. He is a delight to work with and has a good grasp of the issues that bring many an organization to its knees, the all-too human reactions and behaviors that drive poor decisions, and the reluctance to change course in the middle of projects. He has a way of presenting the weighty questions with options that make the answers no-brainers. Adam will provide expert and supportive guidance in any types of business situations you are facing. He’s simply the best!"

Melissa Wells Co-Founder Spherical Dynamics and Five Dynamics, Santa Cruz CA

"Adam was hired as COO by my company to help us create and execute our business plan, get to market effectively and prove we had something to sell. The company was mostly comprised of people who were innovators and had little interest in building solid business foundations and exit strategies. Adam’s patience and persistence guided us quickly to build a workable and realistic strategy to take our product to market and generate real sales.

Adam turned strategy into action and he helped us build an infrastructure around people, process and accountability. His direction, steady guidance and good nature helped us to stay focused and working as a team. 

Adam helped us to create a valuable company, and then we used his expertise to help us sell the company to a strategic partner."


Doug Sleeter Founder The Sleeter Group, Inc., Pleasanton CA

"For entrepreneurs who need someone to help you develop your strategy, Adam is a perfect advisor. He learns your business quickly, and brings new clarity to what your true value is, and helps you discover the best ways to maximize that value.

If you are considering an acquisition or merger, perhaps the most important factor to the success of the deal is to accurately assess the strategic fit. Adam can help you see through the fog and develop a clear understanding of that strategic fit. He works quickly to capture the tradeoff values between buyer and seller, and he will guide you through the process. He is the perfect sounding board and the coach that will help you see the deal from both sides and keep you on track."

Kip Hollister Founder and CEO Hollister Inc., Boston, MA

"Adam set us up with an excellent growth strategy, and enabled us to define a system of metrics needed to create an atmosphere that is results-driven and accountability-driven. The depth of his industry knowledge and passion for results, paired with his personal, customized approach, made for an extremely pleasant and effective working relationship."

Kristin Knight CEO Filter, Seattle, WA

"Adam worked with me personally to help define steps needed for a turnaround in my company and consulted with me on a range of issues from sales to management and finance. His in depth knowledge of our industry particularly in sales and finance makes him a valuable resource. He is truly passionate about helping his clients succeed and get to the next level."

Bob Weis CEO / Managing Partner CFO's2GO, Walnut Creek, CA

"While Adam has the ability to create strategy, his strength to us has been his ability to take strategy to actionable business development steps and empower "non-sales" professionals with proven business development systems and techniques. He has broad industry experience which enables him to present a rich value proposition with fast and evident payback. With his help, our lofty marketing strategies are delivering "first ever" results against defined action plans."

Jenny Breselow CEO Rocket Careers, San Francisco, CA

"Adam was instrumental in getting our company through major growing pains, especially during the startup phases of hiring and retaining a successful team. Aside from being a great listener and having in depth business management expertise, he has a natural knack for identifying specific talents in each team member and motivating them to expand upon those talents to be the very best they can be. As a result of Adam's training and motivational consults, our company is on track to triple our total sales!"

Carol Kotewicz CEO Renoir Staffing Services Inc., Oakland, CA

"Adam has the ability to analyze certain situations from a very objective point of view. He never takes sides; he states the facts and then sums them up to bring light to the bigger picture. It is very helpful to an owner who is many times lost in the details."


Gregory C. Dencker COO Renoir Staffing Services Inc., Oakland, CA

"Adam worked with our company for several years and trained several of our top producing sales and marketing executives. His presentations and training seminars are thoughtful, well organized and presented in such a way that it encourages people to learn and regularly use the materials he presents. Adam has helped increased our productivity as company and his presence has become an essential part of our staff development program."

Sean Gogan President Staffing Management Resources, Walnut Creek, CA

"Adam not only has a tremendous knowledge of sales, building customer loyalty, and the staffing world, but he also has the unique ability to be able to communicate his knowledge effectively to the people he is working with."

Jeffrey J. Hindman President & CEO The Hindman Group, Inc. St. Louis MO

"Adam is a great presenter. He offers interesting and effective solutions through case studies and coaching. He is insightful and a great guy."

Tim Masiewicz Principal Total Environmental & Power Systems, Inc., Concord, CA

"Adam has strategically assisted our company over the years with the growth of our business from the inside out - from 15 employees to over 75. His interaction with our need to grow and his experience in transforming our infrastructure has saved us years of growth pains by pointing us forward and around obstacles that in the past, stopped us in our tracks.

His leadership abilities are incredible, he makes no decisions for us, but helps lead us where we want to go and does exactly what he should do, advise not decide. Adam also has extensive financial acumen and works with us, and our accountants to ensure we are making the best financial decisions we can with our money."

Geoff di Girolamo Partner SURFACEDESIGN, INC., San Francisco, CA

"Adam came to us at a pretty difficult time after being business for nearly eight years. Cash flow for our architecture practice was unpredictable and it was taking its toll on the partnership. After only three months of working with Adam, we were well on our way to a financial strategy that has provided us with the tools to forecast cash needs and plan for future growth of the firm.

Adam is approachable, warm and personal. His style of consulting continues to serve our partnership, strengthening not only the partnership but, all working relationships in the office. We are more aligned on strategic decisions and have been able to effectively delegate work, freeing us up to develop the business in ways that were previously unavailable to us."

Ann Blackburn Founder Executive Advisory Forum "EAF", Lafayette, CA

"Time is fleeting and once gone, you don't get it back. That's why it's critical for business leaders to make appropriate well thought out decisions. Having an advisor like Adam with considerable experience in strategy, operations, marketing, personnel, culture and finance helps companies rake through the myriad of issues that often cause paralysis. He helps you get further faster."